HeadsUp on Heart DiseaseAi?? ai??i?? promoting cardiac service lines while performing a valuable community service

Melk Communications originated the multi-media community outreach initiative, HeadsUp on Heart DiseaseAi??, initially to promote a single medical centerai??i??s cardiac service line, while educating the public about heart disease. Over a three-year period, the program was adopted by three medical centers.
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HeadsUp on Heart DiseaseAi??, including the stylized lettering and up-arrow design, is a registered trademark of Melk Marketing Services, Inc. Copyright 2004/2005 Melk Marketing Services, Inc. (a.k.a. Melk Communications).

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HeadsUp on Heart Disease was built upon four key elements:

  1. an informative, booklet, containing heart healthy recipes and diet and exercise tips. Click to view 1.
  2. free distribution of booklets at checkout in participating supermarket chains, thereby eliminating distribution costs.
  3. a TV show that uniquely paired cardiac specialists with a famous chef to prepare heart healthy recipes. Two versions of the one-half-hour show, Paul Dillon Cooks with the Cardiologists, were produced with cardiac specialists from St. Mary Medical Center and Lourdes Health System in one shoot day. Click to view 2.
  4. advertising support and consumer offers from third-party brands. Click to view 3.

These four elements ai??i?? working in combination ai??i?? created a publicity-generating event.

Melk Communications created the program, raised most of the program funding, coordinated the efforts of multiple individuals and organizations to produce it and wrote and produced the fully scripted TV shows.

HeadsUp on Heart Disease meloxicam high erowid Ai??generated extensive publicity ai??i?? including more than 15 minutes on Philadelphiaai??i??s popular KYW Newsradio ai??i?? and up to 600 calls per year for referrals per participating medical center.

The program won five major awards, including three consecutive Golds for ai???Best Total Public Relations Campaignai??? in the Healthcare Advertising Awards, and was supported by more than $900,000 in sponsor funding.

It also served as an effective physician relations tool, by making ai???starsai??? of cardiac specialists from top cardiac practices at each participating medical center.

Order order lanoxin dosage HeadsUp on Heart DiseaseAi??ran for three years and was supported by St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Lourdes Health System based in Camden, New Jersey and St. Josephai??i??s Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

UsingAi??HeadsUp on Heart Disease Buy Ai??as a model, Melk Communications then developedAi??HeadsUp on Health™ ai??i??Ai??Vanguardia de la SaludAi??to address the impact of excessive body weight and identify people at risk for diabetes and heart disease in the Latino community.

HeadsUp on Heart DiseaseAi??is available for licensing by hospitals nationwide.

Using the HeadsUp model, Melk Communications can create similar programs for various disease states (EG cancer, diabetes). Melk Communications owns multiple ai???HeadsUpai??? domains.

Booklet covers were branded per hospital and per supermarket distribution partner. Click to view larger.

Two versions of the one-half show, Paul Dillon Cooks with the Cardiologists, were produced with cardiac specialists from St. Mary Medical Center and Lourdes Health System in one shoot day.

Third-party sponsors received ads in the booklets and commercials in the TV shows. Click to view larger.

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