The HeadsUp on Health Minute ai??i?? a branding and lead-generation program driven by outside-the-box radio


There is so much advertising messaging in the healthcare marketplace today, and much of it sounds and looks the same.

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TheAi??HeadsUp on Health MinuteAi??is designed to make medical practices and health friendly brands stand out in todayai??i??s increasingly complex, cluttered and very competitive healthcare landscape.

TheAi??MinuteAi??is a 60-second mini-interview positioned as a community service, and conducted by Ron Melk with a physician, nutritionist, druggist, etc. Listeners are directed to the sponsorai??i??s website for a comprehensive article written by the interviewee.Ai??Retailers can place the articles on aAi??micro site, along with related specials…a good way to isolate the results of the Minute.

The Minute is a hybrid. It sounds like a PSA, but it also communicates a strong branded message.

TheAi??Minute Pills Ai??airs in fixed position on 94.5 PST a popular FM station with a weekly cume audience of 755,000 females and males 18 ai??i?? 64 in Philadelphia and neighboring counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.Ai??This is our ai???homeai??? station, but we can place the Minute on literally any station in the U. S.

Sponsor-brandedAi??10-second tune-in spots drive listeners to times when theAi??MinuteAi??airs.

For sponsors, itai??i??s like having their own mini-radio showai??i?? Buy a messaging medium that simply presents information about health and healthcare thatai??i??s of value to listeners.

The Minute also streams and archives on the WPST website.

Sponsors get a bunch of bonuses for schedules of 13 weeks or longer.

Take a minute and 10 seconds to listen to the two sound files on the right.

The Minute is the product of a partnership between Melk Communications and Connoisseur Media. It is available only through Melk Communications.


Interested? PleaseAi??contactAi??Ron Melk, or Mike Scarpati at Connoisseur MediaAi?? Ai??or 609-454-4137.

The Minute is an educational mini-interview combined with branded messaging.

Ten-second tune-in spots drive listeners to the fixed-position Minute. online cytotec for sale in quiapo buy arimidex bodybuilding Pills