Weai??i??re Melk Communications. Weai??i??re not just an algebra textbooks :: homework help and answers :: thehomeworkportal advertising, branding or public relations agency. Weai??i??re actually all of those things packed into one lean, highly effective healthcare marketing and communications company.

We deliver everything it takes to help aggressive healthcare firms, medical practices and health friendly brands achieve their growth ambitions. Weai??i??re nimble ai??i?? and capable of delivering the not-so-occasional BIG idea.

We have long and deep experience in the healthcare space with hospitals, healthcare startups of all types, including analytics companies, medical practices, providers of online healthcare content, medical second opinions, health plan auditing services and more.

Our principal and associates have started or sold companies, and worked directly with C-level executives to build business and realize tremendous success.

Our core team is made up of bright minds capable of razor sharp critical thinking. Everything we do is based on clarity of communication, which, in turn, is based on the belief that, if you canai??i??t communicate, you canai??i??t get to first base.

Weai??i??ve combined these capabilities with outstanding creative, graphic design, social media savvy and digital technology expertise and more.

Much of our success has come in the B-2-B healthcare arena, although weai??i??ve had more than our share of B-2-C triumphs.

Weai??i??re also one of the few non-Latino companies of our type that understands Latino markets and has developed a health outreach initiative specifically for Latinos.

Our skill set includes everything you would expect as well as unexpected extras that can be invaluable to organizations focused on growth. buy slimex 15

The Expected

  • Branding, Rebranding
  • Marketing Analysis, Strategy, Planning
  • Marketing Communications, Public Relations Planning and Implementation
  • Business Development
  • Superior Creative ai??i?? All Media: Digital, Broadcast, Print
  • Top-Tier Social Media Skills ai??i?? Emphasis on Developing Effective LinkedIn and Twitter Presences for B-2-B Clients

The Unexpected

  • Enterprise Value Creation ai??i?? experience and success in positioning companies for highest possible market value
  • Cheap

  • Web Crawler Design and Implementation ai??i?? for B-2-B clients who bank on RFP business
  • CRM, Data Strategy ai??i?? for anyone who wants more control over client relationships and lead management
  • Recruiting ai??i?? because growth demands great internal talent, too. Our very accomplished recruiter works on a cost-efficient, hourly rate
  • Leadership and Team Development ai??i?? because growth also demands great leadership and team players

All of our services are provided directly by Melk Communications and a network of very accomplished senior associates.

If youai??i??re a healthcare company, provider or a health friendly brand that wants to get bigger faster, we should talk as soon as possible. Contact Us.

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