Sunil Kumar
Web Development | Digital Technology

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Sunil Kumar is a freelance web developer with over a decade of experience in conceiving, building and maintaining websites.

After finishing culinary school and spending some time working in New York City restaurants, Sunil took part in the late ’90s internet boom by joining a small internet start up which he helped grow into one of the first successful online magazines for food industry insiders. went on to become one of the few companies to survive the burst of the dot-com bubble and it is still online today serving the professional culinary community.

In the new millennium, Sunil moved on to provide web services in the publishing industry. He joined The Book Report Network and built their website into one of the publishing industry’s most prevalent web development and online marketing services, creating websites for notable authors such as Neil Gaiman, Barbara Kingsolver, Ray Bradbury, Nelson DeMille, and many others. Sunil worked closely with publishers as the industry took it’s first steps into the online world and he helped develop a number of the basic strategies that authors use to promote themselves and their work on the internet.

Sunil has also remained active in the culinary world as a food and recipe writer and, occasionally, organizing events around New York City. In 2008 he was elected to the board of Slow Food NYC, the local New York City chapter of the international organization that works to counteract the culture of fast food. With Slow Food NYC, Sunil helps support school programs that develop healthy eating habits in kids. He also organizes events to educate consumers and promote the use of local/seasonal/sustainable foods. From 2009 till 2011 Sunil served as the chapter’s treasurer. He currently co-chairs their communications committee, overseeing their website and other online outreach.

Today, Sunil runs the online services for AuthorBuzz, a PR/marketing service for authors and publishers. He also heads the web services division of The Froebe Group, an editorial services company, and works with Melk Communications.



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